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What about The 'Fear'?

Did you know that the biggest reason people put off seeking dental treatment is not the cost or the lack of time, but their fear? At Redmond Dental Care we know that everyone is anxious coming to the dentist and we do everything we can to put your nerves at ease to stop The Fear causing you bigger dental health problems.

We understand that everyone is anxious about visiting the dentist to some degree. It’s normal and you’re not unusual if you are a little anxious. Our small, well-established practice has the ethos of being personable and friendly, which is shared by all of our staff. If The Fear is preventing you from visiting the dentist, we urge you to get in touch with us so we can discuss how we can help you.

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There are many different causes of The Fear, from bad past experiences to the thought of losing control, discomfort at the sounds of the surgery to phobia of needles. Whatever the cause, we will try to establish what triggers The Fear for you, and will work with you to overcome it.

Everyone thinks they’re the worst patient in the world, but the good news is, you’re not. Keith and the team are experienced in treating nervous patients and want to reassure you that you are always in control. If you need to take a breather during treatment just to reset your emotions, we’re happy for you to do that. Don’t worry that you are delaying or frustrating your dentist, you’re not, Keith’s first concern is your comfort. Just raise your hand at any point during treatment and we’ll stop and make sure you’re comfortable.

Here are some specific dental fears and what we can do to ease them:
  • Lack of control: You remain in control at all times. You can raise your hand at any point during treatment and we’ll stop; if you just need a breather and a chat about something other than dentistry, are feeling uncomfortable or need to ask us a question, we will happily accommodate you.
  • Sights and sounds of the dental surgery: We provide dark glasses for patients who want them, and invite you to bring your favourite tunes on your iPod to listen to if you dislike the sounds of the surgery.
  • Fear of needles: We use numbing gel before any injections, and our injections last less than 10 seconds.
  • Fear of not being numb: We will always check you are comfortably numb before starting treatment.
  • General fear: Some people have no established cause of their fear. Our friendly, personable team are gentle and reassuring, and are happy to talk through any concerns you have at any time.

If you feel you need sedation, we can provide you with oral sedation that helps you to relax. You won’t fall asleep but you will be more relaxed about your treatment. If you do opt for sedation you can’t drive for 24 hours, so should bring a friend or family member with you to see you home safely.