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Dental Implants    Patient Journey

Dental implants are the perfect tooth replacement solution for many patients. There are certain medical conditions and prescription medications that may make you unsuitable for dental implants, so the first step on your implant journey will be a consultation to check your suitability.

We'll take a detailed medical history, including asking about any prescription and non-prescription medicines you may be using. We'll also ask about habits such as smoking, which can increase the chances of dental implants failing.

Provided you are suitable for dental implants, Keith will carefully examine your mouth and gums, and will take x-rays to check both the quantity and quality of bone in the area, as well as assessing its width and height. A common problem when we lose teeth is that the bone beneath any gaps will start to disappear over time. If we find this has happened it doesn't necessarily mean you can't have implants, but you may need other procedures like a bone graft first.

At the end of your implant consultation, Keith will discuss his findings and, so long as you are suitable for implants and wish to start treatment, a treatment plan will be drawn up. Other tooth replacement options such as bridges and dentures will be discussed at the same time, so you can make an informed choice about which treatment is best for you.

Implants are placed under the gum under local anaesthetic, so the procedure will be pain free. Many patients liken it to the sensation of having a filling done. We will give you anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotics to reduce any discomfort afterwards.

The implants will then be left to fuse with the bone, which on average takes four months. After that you'll have your second appointment, where moulds will be made of your mouth and then at your third visit two weeks later your new teeth (crowns, bridges or dentures) will be fitted onto the implants.

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