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'All White On The Night' Package

Got a wedding, Debs, sun holiday or Christmas Do coming up?

This is the ideal package if you want to quickly transform the appearance of your smile. We will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove any plaque, tartar and stains that have built up. We use the Cavitron scaler to break up tartar, which usually makes up about 10% of staining, while the rest is caused by foods, drinks and habits such as smoking. To remove these stains we use the Prophyflex Jet Air powder cleaning device. This system is much faster than a traditional scale and polish and also causes a lot less sensitivity. Then we do our Magic White system. Our teeth whitening system uses bespoke tooth whitening trays and whitening gel. The trays, like gumshields, are made to fit your mouth exactly and are filled with the Magic White gel. You then wear them one hour a day for two weeks. This will safely transform the appearance of your smile, leaving it looking much brighter but in a very natural way.

Price: €250 (saving €45!)

Bring a Pal Package

Whether it's two friends, sisters, a couple before their wedding or a Mother and daughter, we often have people asking if they can bring along another patient to avail of our services before a big event. This most commonly happens with the 'All White On The Night' package. So, if you do want to bring a pal along, we will discount that second package by another €100! One condition, they must come with you at the same time.

Price: €400 for Two (saving €190!)

Refer a Friend Voucher

Many of our patients come to us by recommendation from existing patients. We're confident you'll be so happy with your treatment that you'll want to recommend us to a partner, friend or family member, which is why we offer this package providing gift vouchers for cosmetic treatments. If you come to us for treatments such as adult braces, smile design or dental implants, we'll give you a €100 voucher to refer a friend for similar treatment. Just Ask!

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