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all your teeth

These days people are living longer, which means that more patients than ever come to visit the dentist to replace teeth which have fallen out or become worn.

In the past, the only solution to losing all of your teeth was to have unsecured dentures (false teeth). However, such dentures come with their own set of problems. As the jaw bone and gums gradually recede, unsecured dentures have a tendency to become loose, meaning they can be uncomfortable, cause rubbing on the gums and can cause problems with eating and speaking, leaving you with a limited diet and a feeling of social embarrassment. We've all seen those video clips of people's dentures slipping out at unfortunate moments!

Recent advances in dental technology mean that there is another solution, which more and more patients are opting for: implant-secured bridges.

Bridges retained by dental implants will stay fixed in place and won't slip out at the wrong moment. They also enable you to eat whatever you like with confidence, so your diet will no longer be limited to softer foods. They are as strong as your natural teeth, and have a very natural look and feel, too.

Because they are firmly fixed to the implants, there is no need for messy, sticky adhesives as there is to hold your dentures in place. Overall, implant-secured bridges can provide a great boost to confidence.

We use Bicon implants with Trinia fixed bridges. Typically two to four implants are placed directly into your jaw bone and bridge is fixed on top. The procedure for having your implants fitted is carried out under local anaesthetic or sedation as necessary, and while you may feel some pressure in your mouth you won't feel any pain.

It'll be like having your own teeth back again!

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